Datacenter Shipping and storage

When shipping items into our datacenter please ensure the service to which you are sending the item in for is actively paid.
To receive the address information for shipping, please open a ticket.

We require that a ticket is opened with tracking prior to item arrival.
Ticket requirements:

  • Carrier and tracking number provided
  • Contents of the package
  • Estimated Arrival
  • Failure to open a ticket prior to the arrival of the item may result in a $25 fee.


When items arrive at our datacenter, your ticket will be updated accordingly.
We will hold items for up to 7 days in storage.

Any items left in storage for over 7 days will occur storage fees.

If you would like to store spare parts at the datacenter we offer the following storage plans.
Storage fees:

  • Small bin $25/month | Good for storing spare SSD's, RAM, CPU's or other smaller parts.
  • Large bin $50/month | This is about 5 times bigger than our small bin. It can be used for storing larger items such as motherboards, hard drives, or other related items.
  • Single device (up to 4U) $20/month | Used for spare switches, servers, etc...
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